Here is where the various cuts of the Black and White cartoons for tv will be listed. Eventually, a seperate color section will be made



Being the second Terrytoon, originally released March 9th, 1930, it is the earliest cartoon in the TV packages. The opening scene of Phillp Scrieb and his orchestra in silhouette form were cut, along with a scene of two cats milking a cow to create a mouse couple's order of "two warm milks". You can view a TV copy with the cuts here and a French copy with German copy that's uncut here but, it's unknown if the French Intertitle was in the English version as well, which would mean another cut.

Indian Pudding

Originally released April 6th. Thanks to the original daft surviving, we know a few things were cut. Like the earliest Terrytoons, the opening shot of Phillp Scrieb and the orchestra composing is cut. Furthermore, a scene with vultures playing a xylophone, another shot with skeletons dancing and the hero mouse on his horse are cut. You can view a TV print here

Roman Punch

Originally released Without a draft, it is not clear what is missing. It is likely the orchestra opening key to these early releases is cut, along with a cut at 2:04 and, as well as an ending being absent. You can view the TV release of the cartoon here

Codfish Balls

Originally released June 1st, 1930. Possibly the first or second cartoon that does not open with the orchestra. A cut is clearly seen at :024, though what is cut is unknown. You may view the TV print of this cartoon here

Hungarian Goulash

Originally released June 15th, 1930, it made the TV package, but due my lack of a garage sale DVD containing the cartoon, I am not sure what is cut. You can view an original theatrical release print here

Monkey Meat

Originally released August 10th, 1930. A scene at 1:24 is cut, that might've been rude mannered or grotesque, it is not completely known. A 16mm theatrical print is known to exist outside of UCLA, but for now you can view a circulating tv print here

Dutch Treat

Originally released September 21th, 1930. Contains one basic and almost useless edit to remove a few seconds of the dog spitting in his dad's hand. You can find the tv print here and an uncut french copy (mistakenally labeled as a Aesop's Sound Fable) with German subtitles here

Jumping Beans

Originally released November 2nd, 1930. The circulating copy is shorter than the usual Terrytoon, but it's hard to tell where a cut takes place; it can be assumed the beginning got chopped off. You can find the tv print here

Scotch Highball

Originally released November 16th, 1930. Scene 20 is cut: described in the draft as "Bag hits horse-teeth out" followed by "I hope someone [?, draft is hard to read], but what is known is that some blood is featured in the scene as well. This grim gag was toned from it's remake Irish Sweepstakes. You can see the TV print here and the draft to the cartoon here

Pigskin Capers

Final Terry release of 1930, originally released on December 28th, 1930. There appears to be nothing cut, expect for maybe an extra scene before where it begins, in the TV print, which you can see here


Club Sandwich

Originally released January 25th. Earliest Farmer AlFalfa cartoon in the TV package. It's first production name was "Dancing Mice", which is what it's renamed too on TV. One of the most interesting edits are reanimated bits, to change the background of the scene of the shoe driving to the dance (changed from outside to inside), and 2 shots adding more mice to cycles. Among that, the scene of the skeleton donkey charging with the rope was cut. You can view a TV print hereand an uncut British theatrical print with the opening spliced out here


Originally released February 8th, and is the last of the "food titles" that appeared in every cartoon to this point. Appears to of been left uncut, though it's uncertain. You can view a TV print here

Go West, Big Boy

Originally released February 22nd. Thanks to the original draft on Cartoon Research, we know 100% this cartoon was oddly left uncut on television. You can view a complete TV print here and the post on the film here

The Explorer

Originally released March 22nd. Some shots are repeated at the end of the cartoon (taken from the beginning), to make up for some lost, but important scenes with Farmer Al buys the North Pole from a bear stereotyping a Jew, and taking it home with him. A print of the uncut film exists in the collection of Mark Kausler, but for now you can view a TV print here

By the Sea

Originally released July 12th. An opening scene appears missing, but isn't certain, some weird sound editing to insert "native american music" after the mouse gets rejected, and a sudden cut to the beach house suggests something is missing. Until an original print is found to see what the film originally presented iself like, you can view a TV print here

Canadian Capers

Originally released August 23th. To sum it up: cut, cut, CUT!!! The first five scenes of ducks building a home are cut, as well as various scenes of Farmer Al hunting in the forest. You can view the very cut TV print here, and read the original draft here

Jesse and James

Originally released September 6th. A shot of an animal call is repeated twice, indicting a cut, however none are detectable. It's likely a gunshot scene that was too gruesome, or the typical opening scene cut was made. You can view a copy of the TV print here

The Champ

Originally released September 20th. No cuts appear, though an establishing shot appears missing, per usual. You can view a TV print here

Aladdin's Lamp

Final Terrytoon of 1931, originally released December 27th. An opening shot appears missing, per usual.You can view a TV print here


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